Terms & Conditions



  • i-DNA offers to sell reagents, instruments, software, and other products and related services (“Products”) to original buyer (“Buyer”) is subjected to Buyer’s acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (“Terms and Conditions”).
  • From time to time, there may be typographical error on the face of any i-DNA quotation and invoice. Once identified, the Buyer will be notified immediately and i-DNA shall correct the error without prejudice or fault.
  • Any quotation made by i-DNA will not constitute an offer, but merely an invitation to treat on these Terms and Conditions.
  • Such quotation is valid of a period of one (1) month unless otherwise stated at the time of quotation.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall replace and supersede any current or future purchase orders or similar forms that are not mutually signed by i-DNA and Buyer. Purchase orders, once accepted by i-DNA, are not subject to cancellation or modification by Buyer without i-DNA’s written consent.



  • The price stated in the quotation is firm unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  • i-DNA reserves the right to change the price and specifications of its Products at anytime without notice, due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control.
  • Payment terms shall be C.O.D for Buyer unless otherwise approved in writing by i-DNA.
  • i-DNA may refuse to sell to Buyer with more than 60 days overdue account.
  • Late payments may incur a charge at the rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month, or the maximum allowed by law The Republic of Singapore, whichever is less.




  • i-DNA will make every effort to deliver the Products hereunder in accordance with the delivery date.
  • i-DNA will not accept liability for any losses or damages arising out of delays in delivery due to any kind or nature whatsoever.
  • Products will ship via carrier selected by i-DNA. The risk of loss or damage will pass to Buyer upon delivery of the Products to the carrier.
  • Shipments outside of Singapore DO NOT include insurance, taxes, fees, duties and levies. These shall be the responsible of Buyer.




  • Once shipped or delivered, the Products may not be returned without written authorization from i-DNA.
  • The Products shall be returned in their original packaging or container with the original manufacturer label affixed and unaltered in form or content.
  • All Products return shall be subjected to a restocking charge.




  • i-DNA warrants that the Products will meet their intended specifications when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The Products will conform to the product description that accompanies each Product.
  • i-DNA makes no other warranty, express or implied of the Products merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or application.
  • In the event of breach of the foregoing warranty, i-DNA will make every effort to repair or replace, at its option, the Products or part thereof. After exercising reasonable efforts, if i-DNA is unable to repair or replace the Product or part, then i-DNA shall refund Buyer up to the cost of Products paid.
  • i-DNA shall not be liable for consequential, incidental, special or any other damages arising from the use of Products.
  • Mishandling and misuse of Products, and improper storage of Products according to the instructions given by i-DNA shall make the warranty of
  • Products void and invalid. It is Buyer’s responsbility to read and to follow the instructions accompanies the Products before use.




i-DNA grants Buyer a non-transferable right to use Products compliance with the intended use statement listed on the Products data sheet or Products information accompanies each Product.




Upon request by Buyer, i-DNA may provide technical assistance, advice and information with respect to the Products, only if and to the extent that such assistance, advice and information is readily and publicly available. It is expressly agreed by Buyer that i-DNA has no obligation to provide such information. The use of such information is wholly at Buyer’s risk.



The laws of Singapore shall govern this contract.




  • Any and all disputes or controversies arising out of or in relation to this contract or the sale or performance of the Products, either party may give written notice to the other party requesting resolution by good faith negotiations within thirty (30) calender days after such notice is received.
  • Failure to resolve the dispute, Buyer and i-DNA hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.




  • For the avoidance of doubt, these terms and conditions of sale contain the complete and entire agreement between the parties pertaining the sale of i-DNA products, and supersedes all prior communications, representations or agreements, whether verbal or written, with respect to the subject hereof.
  • No change, addition or modification of any the terms or conditions hereof shall be valid or binding on either party unless in writing signed by an authorised representative of i-DNA.
  • The Specific Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply in priority to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale herein. In the event of conflict, the terms of Specific Terms and Conditions of Sale shall take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions of Sales.